Payment and Shipping Methods

Accepted Modes of Payment
We accept for the moment, only payments made by Paypal (Paypal for payment by credit card, instant transfer and eCheck).
Settlement Currency
We accept payment in multiple currencies
Available Shipping Methods
We actually propose 7 different shipping methods. Depending on your order, the different available shipping methods and their associated prices will be displayed at the checkout.
4-day shipping, accompanied by monitoring of internet packages via tracking number. Insurance included up to 20,000 yen (additional optional insurance of 50 yen per 20,000 yen.
8-day shipping (no insurance)
SAL (éco)
2-3 week shipping (no insurance).
Boat (surface)
1-3 months (no insurance)
Small package
For the shipping options air mail, economy and surface mail (shipped by boat), there exists the option ‘small package’ (including insurance up to 6000 yens).
To take advantage of this option, your package must weigh a maximum of 2 kilos and its total dimensions (length + breadth + height) must be less than 90 cm (maximum length allowed, 60 cm).



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