Here is our selection of the finest anime figures to be released within next months. Pre-order now and get your items shipped as soon as they arrive in our stock.

Please be aware that :

- You can't have both pre-ordered and already released items in your shopping cart. An unreleased item that is 'in stock' means it is still available for pre-order.  

- If you have more than one pre-ordered item in your shopping cart, it will be shipped once the item which gets the latest release date has been delivered to us.  Please check item availability date in the left column. There is also a release date overview for the figures you pre-ordered on your shopping cart page.  

- Items release date  are given as information purposes only and we shall have no responsibility or liability for any delay or cancellation from our providers.

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  7. 03/2019 (209)
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  9. 05/2019 (238)
  10. 06/2019 (32)
  11. 07/2019 (212)
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