Frekently Asked Questions

1 - About our shop

2 - Shipping

3 - Any unexpected issue?

4 - Preorder

5 - Miscellaneous

6 - Loyalty points

1 - About our shop

Q : Are your items all original?

A : Yes.  As a Japanese retailer, we are at war against bootlegs and other counterfeit products. If you have any doubt about one of your ordered item, please immediatly contact us at  Aounce of prevention is worta pound of cure.

Q : Are your items all brand new ?

A : Yes, you will never receive an used article. We check all our item condition before any shipping is made. 

Q : Who are you?

A : We're a young Japanese start-up specialized into export and import, located in Fukuoka.  

2 - Shipping

Q : Where my order is sent from ?

A : Our offices and shipping center is located in Fukuoka City, Japan. 

Q : Do you ship worldwide?

A : Yes.

Q : Which is the best shipping method ?

A : If the shipping speed is not an important matter for you, we highly recommend the Economy or Economy Small package method.

Q : Who is in charge of the shipment?

A : Every sent parcel is managed and monitored by the Japan Post, and then your national postal service once the package is transiting in your country. About the EMS method, it depends on the affiliate service in your own country.

Q : Where can i monitor my order tracking ?

A : You choose a Japan Post shipping method? Please enter your tracking number here :

     You choose EMS shipping method? Please enter your tracking number here :

Q : The tracking code i was given is not working. 

A : Tracking number and shipment notification are sent once your package is ready for shipping. Anyways, it might take 24 hours for the Japan Post to scan your package and let the online tracking start. 

Q : it seems my package is somehow stuck in Osaka? 

A : Do not worry. The "Dispatch from outward office of exchange" means your package has entered the international transit stage and is on its way. Tracking history shall get a new update once the package arrived in the country of destination.

Q : I have a special request about my order.

A : You can mail us at any time before, during or after your placed your order at the following e-mail address :

Q : How long does the handling take before my order is shipped ?

A : The average time is within 5 working days. However this duration may very depending on the product, as some of our suppliers are only working by using weekly shipment to our stock. On each item page you can check what is this delay. 

We fully understand that these delays might be inconvenient but that's also our way to deal with the best prices for each of our products.

Q : I want to order many items.  Should i choose to group all my items in a big parcel or to be sent several small packages ?

A : If your order package is huge, there are high chance that the parcel will be stopped by the custom office once it arrived in your country. We usually recommend to proceed to shipping procees once your shopping cart has reached a 4 or 5 item limit .

Q : Is my order going to be subjet to import duties? 

A : Your country probably has import and export conventions with Japan. Under those conventions, you might have to pay import duties prior to get your package delivered. 

3 - Any unexpected issue ?

Q : My package is late!

A : If you still have not received your package once the theoretical delivery date is reached (please consider the handling + shipping duration), send us an email at

Q : My package is blocked at the custom office!

A : Your country custom office or postal service should get in touch with you very soon to tell you how to unlock your order. 
If you need any document to be issued by our support desk, you can mail us at

Q : My order arrived ... some of the items are broken!

A : We do our best to wrap and protect your items in the best possible way, either if there are brittle or not. If some of your ordered item broke during the shipping process, please mail us and enclose your order number and pictures of the broken items .

Q : My order arrived ... one of the items has an obivous flaw / vice!

A : Please mail us and enclose your order number and pictures of the flawed items at

Please be aware that while items all comes unsealed and that there were never preowned, the item box might sustain some minor scratches, small dents over time or trace of quality check / previous inspection by the manufacturer or supplier . 

4 - Preorder

Q : How does the whole preorder system work?

A : At the moment, the payment should be proceed once the preorder has been done. In any case you can cancel your preorder by mailing us until 7 days prior to the product release date.
Just mail us at If you have more than one item in your preorder shopping cart, it will be shipped once the item which gets the latest release date has been delivered to us.

Q : I made a preorder in the past but my shipping address changed. 

A : Please mail us at, we will switch the old shipping address to the new one without any problem.

5 - Miscellaneous

Q : How can i stay in touch about the latest and incoming release?

R :  Get a look at our Facebook page. We will soon regularly communicate about our products in English.  

Q : Why the displayed price on the final Paypal transaction page is different from the website cart page?

R : All transactions are made in Japanese Yen, local currency equivalent are given as information only and updated on a daily basis. Paypal uses its own change rates for euros, dollars and other international currencies.

      The price in Yen should not differ between your checkout and the one displayed on Paypal.

Q : Why some of the catalog prices widely vary from day to day? 

 R : Our product catalog is indeed subjected to a very frequent update, as we have many different Japanese suppliers that we trust with daily updates. You can use the wishlist as a way to monitor price variation.

Q : This figure is really old, how can you be sure its in a good shape?  Can you guarantee that it comes "like new" and with no defect ? 

R :  About these old figures or items, we spent a precious time to select reliable and careful Japanese suppliers. We will not add items in our catalog that could arrive in a poor condition.

Some of the really old (+ 5 years) packaging may have suffer from the natural consequences of time, but we make sure in this case that the overall condition remains more than acceptable from the collector point of view.

Please be aware that while items all comes unsealed and that there were never preowned, the item box might sustain some minor scratches, small dents over time or trace of quality check / previous inspection by the manufacturer or supplier . 

6 - Loyalty points

We recently designed a new loyalty point system. How does it work ? That's quite simple. 

- Whenever you buy a product, 1% of the item price will be credited to your account in loyalty points. Some special items multiplied these points by three or five! Look for the special red and yellow labels.

- When you check out, you will be able to see how many points you collected so far and its real money equivalent value. Here you can input the number of points you wish to apply on your shopping cart in order to get a discount. 

- On your account page, there is a sum-up of all won and spent points. 

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